House Rules

Rules conflict
The DM has the last word and all calls. There is to be no arguments or otherwise.
If there is a rules conflict you may take the DM aside and talk with him.

Dice Rolls
Dice rolls are to be made on the top of the table for all to see.

Critical Hits and Fumbles
A Natural 1 or 20 does not need to be confirmed.
When determining the damage for a critical hit, either use the damage multiplier associated with the weapon or use the critical tables.
Max damage on the roll is assumed on critical hits and fumbles. The modifier is not multiplied.

It takes a whole round to shake off a ‘Hold Person’.

A Web spell can be used to anchor a person to the ground. Two individuals can also be used to anchor the web.
Victims caught in a Web spell can not be killed via coup-DE-grace.

When it is the player’s turn, the player must have all reference material for his/her action immediately available. There is no web or manual searching during the player’s turn.

House Rules

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